Refurbished Laptop Availability and Anticipated Technology Changes

By | Dec 5, 2011

The prospect for higher tech refurbished laptop availability is bright because of anticipated new product introductions coming in 2012.  It's pretty much accepted in the market that significant availability of any given laptop model in a refurbished configuration usually follows the products initial introduction by 9 to 12 months.   The timing from first manufacture, plus the phase out of older technology when new models are introduced is also a factor.  With those facts in mind the anticipated push in 2012 by Intel to make higher performance, ultra-portable, highly affordable laptops a reality are encouraging on the refurbished laptop scene.

The Intel Sandy Bridge family introduced in early 2011 has expanded to include the Sandy Bridge-E (for Enthusiast) which is a new 3.3GHz Core i7 processor which is sure to find its way into high performance laptops which will make available last year’s technology in refurbished laptop form, notably in the gaming laptop area.

The Ultrabook which by Intel’s estimate will make up 40 percent of all laptops sold next year is going to cause a rush for these new laptops which will in turn make available refurbished notebooks that are a generation back technology wise, and be a boon for the consumer. Several of these Ultrabooks are priced below $1000 which means refurbished high performance gaming laptops a generation back technology-wise could be selling in the $500 -$700 range.

The bottom line is, in spite of all the excitement about tablets and their performance, the fact remains notebook technology performance is increasing as well, and that is a good thing for anyone shopping for refurbished laptops.   Keep in mind every time there is a new laptop technology advance it is also good for the buyers of last year’s latest and greatest tech product!

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