Refurbished Netbooks

By | Jan 23, 2011

Refurbished Netbooks are great values in today’s used computer marketplace.  Netbooks are great alternatives to a tablet PC or a larger laptop when it comes to surfing the web and checking email.  You don't have to worry about quality when you buy a refurbished Netbooks from one of the great online sources. A refurbished Netbook is usually a computer that is in line new condition and is different from a used or reconditioned laptop.   Refurbished means the product is tested to new product specifications and is supplied with all of the supplemental items such as cables and disks that come with a new product.

Refurbished Netbook

HP Mini 5103 101 Netbook Intel Atom 166GHz Refurbished
HP Mini 5103 101 Netbook Intel Atom 166GHz Refurbished
Time Remaining: 20d 22h 52m
Buy It Now for only: $135.99

Used Samsung 116 Refurbished Chromebook Exynos XE303C12 A01 Netbook
Used Samsung 116 Refurbished Chromebook Exynos XE303C12 A01 Netbook
Time Remaining: 12d 5h 8m
Buy It Now for only: $249.99

You can save a significant amount of money when you buy a refurbished Netbook.  A new laptop loses up to half, or more of its value in the first year after shipment. You can save some serious money by buying refurbished instead of new.  That means the features and performance of a Netbook you purchase today has the features of the product that was being introduced just a few months ago.   When it comes to features the majority of the fundamental features of a good Netbook were introduced in the early days of the Netbooks introduction. Since initial introduction the changes that have been made are typically not the basic functions of the product, meaning that as time goes on the new features are not "show stoppers" when it comes to performance.   Many buyers make it a practice to always wait for a few months after the first models are introduced, and then buy a Net book that is refurbished because they know they aren’t missing much in the way of features and they save a lot of money.

A good example of a great refurbished Netbook is the New Acer Aspire One AOD150 Netbook . This review of the features of a netbook that is widely available refurbished, will give you a preview of the great features available in a like new product.

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