Many cheap refurbished laptops are on the market and a refurbished laptop may not be for you if you are determined to have a completely new product.  If you are searching for a laptop under $200 that has been tested to new product standards and performs as well as a new laptop or notebook costing many hundreds of dollars more than you should check out the selection of laptops under $200. There are laptops under $100 which will tend to be somewhat older, and laptops under $300. Laptops under $200 are available which are sold with Windows XP and varying application software packages installed.  For information on what a refurbished laptop is review why a refurbished laptop makes sense.  You can shop with confidence knowing that most cheap refurbished laptops under $200 are sold with a warranty of some type by the owner. Check out the selection and buy now since the good deals don't last long!

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