Refurbished laptop computers represent an excellent value. You can buy a refurbished laptop with confidence knowing that it has been tested to it's original specifications. In fact there are cases where new products are sold as refurbished laptops to move out older inventory, and for other marketing reasons. Combine a cheap refurbished laptop with free or open source software for a powerful system at significant savings.
Refurbished laptops are available from all of the major manufacturers, and are sold by companies that specialize in this type of product..  You can purchase refurbished laptop computers that have product warranty, and are packaged in the original packaging, and include all of the supporting items included a new product. It is not uncommon to save 30%  to 40% over the price of a brand new product. Many buyers upgrade their products after purchase with additional memory to give their laptops a performance boost.  Adding memory is an easy upgrade and can be done with screw driver, and takes about 5 minutes. If you use care in operating your laptop computer it will give you many years of service and extend it's life even if it was a cheap refurbished laptop computer when you bought it.
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