The Best Time To Upgrade Your Refurbished Laptop To Windows 7

By | Sep 27, 2012

If you own a refurbished laptop running Microsoft Vista or Windows XP now is a good time to consider upgrading to Windows 7. As Microsoft is ramping up the introduction of Windows 8 it is moving out it's inventory of Windows 7 software at attractive prices which makes it a good time for the owner of older laptops to do an upgrade. There is excellent pricing on the Windows Family Pack 3 system at Amazon.

Windows 8 has been anticipated by many users but is poorly regarded by many PC and laptop users because of it's focus on tablet and handheld devices. That's not to say it isn't a good operating system, in my opinion it isn't desirable in many respects for traditional PC users. Windows 7 is regarded highly and an excellent system for Laptops, and is probably the last offering from Microsoft that will be the system to own for laptops and PC's.

If you have a laptop that is running Windows XP or Windows Vista now is a good time to upgrade to Windows 7. If you are running Vista and upgrade to Windows 7 the results will be a system that is more stable and is way ahead of Vista in terms of compatibility with other software. Windows 7 in generally regarded as the system Vista should have been when release three years prior to Windows 7. If you are running Windows XP you need to consider that Windows XP will not be supported by Microsoft after April 2014, which means you won't be receiving patches from Microsoft, and there is no doubt the XP systems out there will be the target of hackers attempting to exploit the XP systems that will become increasingly vulnerable because they are not being protected with upgrades.

Windows 8 Versus Windows 7 on Laptops.

The question being considered by many is why not upgrade to Windows 8. The answer is simple,and that is Microsoft is moving on to the next generation of devices which are "touch" oriented products like tablet computers and phones. It doesn't mean Windows 8 won't work on a laptop because it will what is does require is more clicks to navigate around Windows 8 for the traditional laptop user. Another negative is the traditional "start" menu to launch programs is no longer available.

Why Upgrade My Laptop now?

There is attractive pricing now on the Windows 7 family pack. The family pack allows you to upgrade three systems from XP or Vista to Windows 7. By upgrading to Windows 7 your laptop will continue to have a system that is familiar to you, has new features, and is compatible with all your new software, and best of all is supported until 2020 by Microsoft.

Keep in mind the family pack allows you to upgrade three computers which means you can upgrade all of your families computers in many cases. On a per computer basis the pricing on the Amazon upgrade package works out to upgrades for less than $45 per computer which is unheard of in these times of high software prices.

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