Buy Laptops Under 500

By | Feb 5, 2009

Buy Laptops Under 500
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What should I buy laptops, looking for a price less than $ 400-500 that can hold much music?

Looking for a team laptop you can buy for less than 400 or 500 Döllerer that has a good memory, runs fast so you can save a lot of music on it, it could store bumps and things on it

I will not answer your question directly, but I will advise you about something and that is when ever any recording media type (music video) do not want a cheap computer. I'm not saying you need a monster $ 2000.00, but the record is very stressful for a team and requires a great deal of memory, processor and motherboard chip set. If you just want to surf the net, cheap is good, but for what you want to spend over $ 400.00. My opinion

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