HP Laptops Under 400

By | Oct 26, 2009

HP Laptops Under 400
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What is the best laptop?

Last year I got a laptop Acer Aspire One was broken. I have a new warranty. It broke. I had another. It broke. Now I'm stuck with using my father (who has exactly the same). A couple of hours of my cousin had completed his Dell. I think she said it was HP, but I'm not sure. I'm interested in this, but it's a little on the expensive side. My birthday is next month and wondered what brand and type of laptop is good and durable. One that will last a few years, if not more. And $ 400 or less. It may be a laptop, netbook, something. Thank you!

For about that price, I would say something like a Toshiba or Asus base. Try the Toshiba L200. Toshiba, Lenovo, Apple and Asus teams have the most reliable in the market. Good luck!

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