$200 Laptops

By | Jun 21, 2024

$200-laptopsIt is not impractical or foolish to think that purchasing $200 laptops is a poor decision.  In the past we have focused on Laptops Under $300 and Laptops Under $100.  The $200 laptops market is a spot where it is possible to buy new $200 laptops of the small laptop configuration called a netbook, or to buy used or Refurbished Laptop notebook computers that have attractive specifications and good performance. A good example of affordable laptops are used DELL Latitude laptops. If we focus on a used Dell Latitude C640, as an example we can find them for $200 on eBay.  If we want to spend a little over $200, a fully loaded DELL Latitude C640 can he purchased for under $300.  This DELL model is highlighted because it represents a model that was manufactured in large quantities and thus there are many of them in the used or refurbished laptop computer market. Other DELL models that are availble in large quantities are refurbished DELL Inspiron models.Since it is reasonable to expect that with good care, a laptop will have a life of 6 to 8 years, buying $200 laptops will give you a product that will last for several years to come.  Considering the fact that a laptop loses about 50 percent of it's value in the first year, buying $200 laptops is a prudant decision if you need to save money.

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