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Apple Laptops Under 100 Dollars

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Analysts said the acquisition of Sanyo, Matsushita, or lead to the battery industry, M & A wave

Industry analysts estimate that Matsushita to spend 4.6 billion acquisition of Sanyo Electric trams deal could trigger a new round of negotiations between the battery manufacturer M & A wave, because the automakers are reluctant to rely too much on limited number of batteries. Rechargeable laptop battery, dell latitude d505 battery, dell latitude d510 battery,dell latitude d520 battery,dell latitude d600 battery,dell latitude d610 battery, dell latitude d620 battery Tencent Technology YORK, December 11, as reported by foreign media, industry analysts say, Matsushita to spend 4.6 billion acquisition of Sanyo Electric trams deal could trigger a new round of negotiations between the battery manufacturer & M A wave, because the automakers reluctant to rely too heavily on a limited number of batteries.

Matsushita said yesterday it has acquired a 50.2% interest in Sanyo Electric. The acquisition and Matsushita had the world’s largest manufacturer of battery action, strengthening its presence in the battery market. Panasonic is expected that by 2018, when the battery market will grow five times to the present, to 3.2 trillion yen (about 36 billion U.S. $) scale.

Investment Bank of Tokyo Ichiyoshi Investment Management Co. ’s analyst said Mitsushige Akino, the battery will be various automakers such as Toyota Motor and other components important product, the automakers may try to mergers and acquisitions are essential components suppliers of production. He said: “We may see in the automotive and electronics industry, sony vgp-bps2 battery,sony vgp-bps2a battery, sony vgp-bps2b battery , sony vgp-bps2c battery , sony vgp-bpl2 battery a merger took place between the waves.”

Sanyo, Panasonic will be Volkswagen, Ford and Honda automotive customers. 2011 Matsushita plans to ¥ 123,000,000,000 investment will increase the capacity of its lithium battery 3 times to the present.

AT Kearney in Tokyo analyst Eiji Kawahara that the tram development of new energy technologies may be Panasonic and Sanyo will provide more than the bargaining power of manufacturers. Nomura Holdings Shotaro Noguchi, senior analyst, said: “It could lead to major changes in the industry.”

The largest manufacturer

According to market research agency Tokyo Japan Economic Center Co. said that, like most of the year in recent years, Sanyo is the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, followed by manufacturers followed by Sony, Samsung SDI, Panasonic, BYD, and LG pa3478u-1brs battery,toshiba pa3191u-1bas battery Panasonic and Sanyo and market share reached 43%.

Since December 19 to announce this acquisition has been accumulated Matsushita shares rose 17% over the same period from Sanyo Electric rose 29%. The Nikkei 225 Stock Average rose 15%.

According to CEO Carlos Ghosn Nissan Motor expects that if oil prices remained above $ 70 U.S. a barrel, then the tram from the global demand for automobiles by 2020 the proportion will reach 10% of the time.

To meet this demand, automakers and electronics manufacturers are either formed an alliance, or to invest in building their own manufacturing operations batteries.


Kyoto, Japan, GS Yuasa Corp. is a Honda Motor and Mitsubishi Motors formed a joint venture of the battery manufacturer Johnson Controls Inc and France, Saft Groupe SA Ford Motor and General Motors, which offer products of battery . GS stock has risen 21 percent this year, the value of the company has reached 3 billion U.S. dollars; Saft Group shares up 90 percent this year, valuing the company at 1.2 billion.

Honda spokeswoman Akemi Ando said: “The battery manufacturers and automakers to cooperate is to develop an effective means of car batteries.”

Sony Executive Vice President Hiroshi Yoshioka told the media last month, Sony is working with several companies on the offer of negotiations Automotive lithium batteries. He said that Sony plans to invest 100 billion yen for research and development of rechargeable batteries.

Battery manufacturer BYD in Shenzhen China has been the support of billionaire Warren Buffett, he agreed in May lithium battery to power hybrid vehicles and automotive fields to cooperate with Volkswagen. Automotive

Investor Relations Director BYD John Lee, spokesman of Samsung SDI Seo Hae Soo, and the spokesman Mitsuru Yonekawa Nissan Motor have refused to buy Panasonic Sanyo observations concern. LG Chemical spokeswoman Tracey Park that the acquisition of Sanyo, apple a1245 battery , apple a1280 battery , apple a1281 batteryMatsushita transaction will not be a significant impact on the global market.

Barclays Capital Yuji Fujimori said in Tokyo tram in about 70% of production costs from the electrical part.

Nissan Motor has declared its intention of Aveiro, in Portugal of 160 million euros investment in the plant (about 236 million U.S. dollars) is expected to house plant that will begin production in 2012 batteries tram. Toyota last year in Shizuoka Prefecture has established a battery research major R & D division.

Spokesman Hideaki Homma Tokyo Toyota, said: “We want to control our own key to future technologies such as electric motors and batteries. Fully understand the technology we use is very important to us.”

Homma said today that Toyota is working with Panasonic to conduct negotiations in the hope of increasing its joint-venture between the two parties share the actions of the battery manufacturer.

Goldman Sachs, Daiwa

Matsushita had agreed last year from Goldman Sachs, sony vgp-bps8 battery,sony vgp-bps9 battery ,sony vgp-bps10 battery, sony vgp-bps11 battery , Sony VGP-BPL11 battery , sony vgp-bps13 battery Daiwa Securities and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group acquired a controlling stake in Sanyo Electric. After more than a year, Panasonic Sanyo acquisition deal was finally reached the United States, Europe, Japan and China, and the approval of antitrust regulators. Panasonic and Sanyo plans to concentrate on the competition with their international competitors.

Sanyo rechargeable battery Mitsuru Honma said last week that: “Any technology has a major battery manufacturers are a threat to us.”

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