Before You Replace A Laptop LCD Screen, Check the Alternatives

By | Jul 14, 2024

One of the most costly failures of a laptop or notebook computer is replacement of the LCD screen.  As discussed in a previous post the first task if you suspect the LCD screen is defective is to verify that the screen is in fact defective.  If there is obvious physical damage then it is a no brainier and LCD screen replacement will have to be considered.  If the product is still under warranty then you should contact the seller of the product to determine how to arrange for the in warranty repair.  A word of caution, if there is obvious physical damage you may have a difficult time in exercising the warranty since the warranty terms and conditions of many manufacturers, exclude repair when the product has obvious physical damage.  If the product is under warranty you have two options, take it to a repair shop or undertake the repair yourself.  The cost of a replacement LCD screen is in  range of $225-$250.  If you take the unit to a repair shop you should expect to pay in the range of $250-$325 for the labor and parts cost of the repair.

An alternative to repair is to consider the many refurbished Laptops Under $300.Refurbished-Laptops-Under-$300 You can purchase a laptop for under $300 with a warranty in many cases.  Utilize the damaged laptop as a stationary system by connecting an external monitor, and use the Refurbished Laptop under $300 replacement for your portable system.

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