Best Laptops Under 600

By | Apr 13, 2024

Best Laptops Under 600

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Where can I find a really good laptop for under $ 600?

I want a laptop for college. Where I find one that is fast and easy to use, while about $ 600? (besides eBay) I'd really like to get an apple. I love A laptop with high speed, memory, power and ease of use.

Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop W / Microsoft Office Home and Student 3 GB of RAM (expandable to 6 GB), 320 GB hard drive, Office Home and Student pre-installed ($ 150) $ 550 Product SKU # 801,547

With the rest of the cell phone industry ran for a piece of the netbook market share, Samsung has responded by producing the Samsung NC10 netbook. Al As many netbooks on the market, the NC10 is 10.2 inches wide and has all the basic needs such as camera netbook MP 1.3, 802.11 b / g Wi-Fi and running Microsoft Windows XP Home. It is powered by a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom, 1GB of RAM and hard drive 160 GB

The Samsung NC10 has a minimalist design wheels and is available in white or blue. It has a matte exterior is adorned with a Samsung logo reflection. It is a simple design and rounded corners gives it a more professional compared to other netbooks from Asus and MSI. Weighing only 2.8 kg it is also lighter than most other netbooks on the market (which usually weigh over 3 pounds).

The keyboard of the Samsung NC10 is 93% the size of normal keyboards. Position keys are very comfortable with a change of tone smaller than the Enter key on the right. The designs of the great keys take some time to get used to (unlike some other netbook models).

Most new netbooks on the market today have a screen light, reducing visibility in bright conditions. The screen on the Samsung model is matte maintain good visibility even in bright sunlight. Although the standard is 1024 x 600 pixel screen, images are crisp and vibrant.

The powerful Samsung NC10 looks more like a laptop than a netbook in terms of functionality. Because of the additional features in this model, which cost a bit more than the average netbook. Delirium comments received by this netbook, I'd say the price is worth it!

For more information on the Samsung NC10 and other laptop models, visit:

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