Cheap Laptops For Sale Under 200 Have Good Performance Features

By | Jul 9, 2024

Cheap laptops for sale under 200 will have features that make these refurbished laptops an affordable used laptop value.
Refurbished Dell laptops are a good example of a used laptop under 200 hat you should keep in mind as you shop for a Refurbished Laptop. An excellent example of a cheap laptop that is a good value is the DELL Latitude D610 which is available on eBay from reliable top sellers for under 200. The refurbished DELL Latitude D610 has built in WI-FI capability, memory up to 2GB and many models are available with hard drive sizes over the typical 40 GB size. A DVD-CDRW, combined with Windows-XP makes this a nice refurbished computer choice for students. The Latitude 610 is a business notebook that has a reputation for reliability, and is relatively light at 5.4 pounds with a 14 inch display that makes it a more usable laptop than some under powered and more costly Netbooks with a smaller screen size.

Some families pick one of these popular rugged laptops up for their children to use in accessing online kids games as they travel. It also is a good choice for a student laptop, or a second laptop to take on vacation where it might be subjected to rough handling as you travel.

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