Computers Under 800

By | Jul 6, 2024

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Computers Under 800

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What Should I Look For When Building Or Buying A New Computer?

When you are buying computer parts you should consider your needs. One other thing that is important is for what you need the computer and how much are you willing to pay for it.

Let’s talk about a case first which is your personal computer’s tower. You should look for one that has enough room for all your components you wish to buy, and one that has technical specifications to support your own set of components. If you are buying a server case, point out what you need because they have different requirements. Make sure that your case has enough places where you can place coolers. It is advised to have at least 4 good working coolers.

Next thing should be the motherboard which should be able to support all components that you wish to put into your personal computer. The processor or CPU should be strong. Something like a dual-core or quad-core if you are going to play games or do some modeling, rendering or designing on your personal computer. In other cases you don’t need such a strong processor.

The next component is the memory, you will need from 1 to 8 gb’s of RAM memory. If you are just using your computer for internet browsing, typing or some minor work, like watching movies or downloading files, 1 gb should be enough. In order to play games and design however, you will need more than that to work properly without any problems.

One other important component is the hard drive. It doesn’t matter what configuration you need and for what exactly, hard drives are used to store data, and it’s your choice which one you buy.

If you have bought stronger components, you should have in mind that they can overheat and stop working or even make other devices stop working if you don’t have a good cooling system. You should have coolers on your CPU, Graphic Card, Power Supply and even a few in your computer case if you have a really strong configuration because it can easily overheat.

The next component you need is a power supply. For configurations that are strong, some strong power supplies are advised to be used. For example; you can buy a 300-450W power supply if your configuration is for web browsing or for office work, 450-800 W is advised for gaming computers and 800-1400W power supplies are being used for designing, modeling, rendering, etc.

You will also want to have a monitor. Monitors come in different shapes and specifications. The size varies from 15 inch monitors to 22 inch monitors. Today, 19 inch is pretty much the standard. You can choose between crt, tft, lcd monitors. Today, flat monitors are commonly used everywhere. TFT and LCD monitors take less space than CRT ones.

You also must buy other components needed to use your computer like a keyboard, a mouse, speakers, etc. There is also a big number of gadgets you can buy for your computer like microphones, headsets, webcams and other handy gadgets.

If you are not that familiar with hardware for a computer it is nice to get the help of a specialist when you look for a computer. This can prevent you from buying the wrong components and making a wrong setup in your computer.

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