How to Care For Your Laptop

By | Jun 25, 2024

If you take care of your new or Refurbished Laptop computers, it will take care of you by giving you many years of useful life.  Mini notebook computers are sensitive devices which have become more reliable over time but that increase in reliability has been offset by cheaper and less mechanically strong laptops, which dictates an increase in awareness of laptop care.

Here are 7 tips for caring for your laptop that you need to implement.

Keep Food and Liquids Away

Use caution when consuming liquids while you are operating your laptop.  Avoid spills of any kind and keep food and the resulting crumbs,  away from the keyboard.

LCD Screen Care
Use care when cleaning the LCD screen and follow the tips here for a practical way to clean your LCD screen safely.  To reduce the need to clean the screen, cover your sneeze and don't touch the screen with your fingers since the fingerprints collect dust and oil from the finger prints requires a liquid solution to remove.  If you can avoid these two activities you can simply remove the dust which ultimately accumulates on the screen.

Handling the Laptop
Don't carry the laptop by the screen when the laptop is open.  The hinge mechanism isn't built for the flexing that occurs when it has to support the weight of the laptop.  Hold the laptop at the bottom of the laptop when you carry it, or close it completely.

Laptops Out of The Sun
Keeping a laptop cool is important since as temperature goes up reliability goes down.  Don't store your laptop in an enclosed vehicle trunk or a closed car on a hot summer day.

Protect the Laptop When Transporting

Find a good laptop bag or durable notebook sleeve and use it when you travel with your laptop.  Don't just toss your laptop in a backpack unprotected if you want it to last a long time.  Shock is the second cause of unreliability following overheating that brings laptop life down.

Care for Your Keyboard
If you insert pressure on most laptops they will flex to a point before they become damaged.  Keep in mind there are printed circuit paths behind the keyboard which if the keyboard flexes too much will de damaged.  Don't rest your hands on the keyboard when going from a sitting to standing position.  Refrain from keeping papers, DVD’s or anything else between the keyboard and the screen when you close your laptop.

Treat anything Plugged into the Laptop With Care
To extend the life of your laptop don't carelessly insert or remove USB sticks, Ethernet, telephone line, or power connectors.  Don't pull on cables to move your laptop from one place to another on a table or work space.  When removing the AC power plug don't pull the plug from the socket by the cord.

If you practice these simple steps in caring for your laptop you will find that your laptop,  new or a refurbished laptop, will last for many years.

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