HP Laptops Under 400

By | Mar 22, 2024

HP Laptops Under 400

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Best 10-inch Netbook under 400 U.S.?

Of the four teams is the best 10-inch netbook or under $ 400? Acer Toshiba HP Del I do not need to play movies on it, I need the small size for email and web browsing when traveling abroad. I have a largest (more) Toshiba laptop and an iMac. Purpose something reliable and easy to throw my bag. That you for your help.

I had a Dell and did not like at all. I bought an Acer Aspire One for $ 299. I use it for college. So, like you, I will not download games or watch movies on it. Mine is strictly to check my email and use Microsoft Word and Excel. It's really thin, about 2 pounds, and has other features as well as Wi-Fi. Good luck with your search and enjoy your trip abroad! Paris-Edit: I just wanted to add my netbook is 10.1 or 10.2 inches. You may want smaller, but I soon found it more difficult to write! This is a good size compared with a large laptop.

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