Hp Laptops Under 600

By | Jul 2, 2024

Hp Laptops Under 600

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New laptop for students?

I need to keep it below $ 600. I need a good memory because I have a great to put music collection in iTunes. It should also be fast. I do not know much about laptops or anything ... so any advice / information is appreciated. Also, what brands are good to study? (Toshiba? HP? Acer? Etc.)

Hey Good ... I had my laptop on the Internet. I had my computer Ebay.com laptop and I submit four 400.00 and my laptop has 160 GB / memory that a large amount of memory ... and my laptop has 2 gigs and it's fast! if the computer u look has 1 gigs then its not too soon ... So look on ebay and make an account so if you have a credit card or paypal on eBay and then look for the type of computer laptop that you want ... and I know that much about computers and infrastructure managers, under the age of 16 ... Oh and another thing is my laptop has a camera ... So I hope this helps you find the perfect equipment or Mobile .... U wish you good luck! 🙂

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