Keep Your Refurbished Laptop Computer Cool

By | Jun 13, 2024

In an earlier post we discussed tips to keep your Refurbished Laptop computer cool, and the impact that heat had on reliability. I forgot a tip that should also be considered. Check and make sure the small rubber feet installed on the bottom corners of your laptop are still installed. These little feet keep the bottom of the laptop off the operating surface, and allow air to flow underneath the laptop and flow to the cooling fan. The cooling fan can be identified by a slotted approximately 2 inch x 2 inch square air intake near one corner of the laptop. If one of the feet are missing, check with Home Depot or a similar store where they carry sick on rubber pads, which are normally used on the bottom of decorative items to prevent scratching furniture. You can use these stick on pads to replace the missing rubber feet that the manufacturer used. When the feet are in place make sure to operate the laptop on a hard surface which will allow air to flow freely under the laptop. Remember to avoid operating the laptop when placed on a bed or blanket, as that it one of the fastest ways to block air flow to the fan which will cause a laptop computer to overheat.

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