Laptop Computers Under 300 Dollars

By | Jun 23, 2024

Laptop Computers Under 300 Dollars

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I need a new computer. This team is not mine, my mother! I $ 200. Is there a good place than eBay (or anywhere else like her) who could save a lot on a computer. No matter if a computer laptop or desktop (I have a monitor and a keyboard that can be used if there is one.) Solo be less than $ 300! Only 200 as I said, but I can save my money. Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have said or Ebay (every place like this). It meant they DO NOT want a place like Ebay! I do not trust Ebay / places like this. I get to the store or manufacturer.

Go to and search using the words: refurbished computers (test computers are also used) its state of your town (try is the abbreviated spelling) Is likely to find a store that deals in used PCs - you can find used PC for under $ 100 - just make sure it already has Windows on it. If you in a very small town, then try searching for other cities in the region, or simply the state. Why The problem with eBay? In general, you can rely on the people on eBay have a return of 98% or more were sold on eBay for over 6 months and at least 10 feedbacks. That's what I use as a guideline and has never been broken. Sure to ask the right questions before you bid if something is unclear. Also, since you buy a PC, it is quite heavy and transport will be expensive if you try to buy to a faraway place. If you buy something to sell your state or neighboring states of the ports will not be too high. Expect to pay at least $ 20 even.

Since the dawn of netbooks, consumers have been repeatedly the same question again and again. Should I choose a netbook on a laptop? We have tried to answer this question frequently to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Size and weight

The size of the screen netbook in the range of 7-10 inches and the keyboard is really cramped. In comparison, the normal range of laptop 12 to 18 inches. The average weight is about 3 pounds a netbook, while the weight of the laptop is over 4 pounds. Due to the minute size and low weight, netbooks are very comfortable to wear.


Surprisingly, these little netbooks can store lots of movies, music and files as they have so much space to store data. Currently there are models with storage capacities up to 160GB. In However, the latest model of laptop has a storage capacity of 320 GB - 500 GB.


This has become a standard 1.6GHz Intel Atom use netbook. But it also comes with 1.2GHz VIA C7 or 800 MHz AMD Geode. Netbook is designed for efficiency and low cost because of the "net-centric computing. "Net-centric" calculation is simply check your email, surf the web, running Web applications and the implementation of small applications. Complex programs (such as Photoshop, etc.) netbook may slow significantly. If you want to run complex programs, laptops can be your best option.


Netbooks below the field of graphic design. Using laptops or external integrated graphics Intel GMA Mobility X3100 HD 3870X2 AMD, which is better than netbooks. Bottom line, Netbook can meet your needs as a gaming system.


The half-life of the battery on a laptop is 2-4 hours. But in a standard netbook is 3-4 hours. If you can get an update on the 6 cell battery, then the load can remain a huge 6-10 hours! Thank you for the Intel Atom processor, which uses ultra-low voltage.

DVD and webcam

It is a very important point which may influence their decision. At that time, no netbooks on the market that have CD or DVD. We also observed that most netbooks seem to have a built-in webcam, which is a bonus.


Netbooks are very affordable. The current average price for a new netbook run 300 to $ 500 U.S.. Some even sell for less than $ 300. However, with laptops, the basic configuration can cost over $ 600 U.S. and even (like adding more memory, speed and other features). Since the dawn of netbooks, consumers been repeatedly the same question over and over. Should I choose a netbook on a laptop? We have tried to answer this question more frequently to help you make a purchase decision knowingly.

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