Laptops For Under 400 Dollars

By | Apr 25, 2024

Laptops For Under 400 Dollars

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need help choosing a laptop for 10 points?

Hi I need a laptop for school, nothing fancy just reports base and the game with this laptop is a good or If u have a link Please send less than $ 400

This must sound almost better than mine. and I paid $ 800 WOW trying not to be rapid, with 2 GB of RAM and 160 GB hard disk. mine is as 130GB. seems a good team, I think you'll be glad you want to do.

Company has introduced the Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 plaque that has been specially designed for Intel Pentium 4. It uses the Intel i865PE chipset that works with 800MHz FSB, AGP 8x Dual channel DDR 400. Together, they offer performance and quality. Support for AGP 8X interface is promising for the players wish to use high-performance graphics. Has also been integrated 8 channel audio connectors Realtek AC97, which provide high sound quality, even for the most demanding users. It is also equipped with eight USB 2.0 ports. With DDR 400 doubles the bandwidth is not enough room for improvement memory - RAM. Has also used some of the characteristics Accelerator Gigabyte CPU and memory booster smart chip. Both optimize performance and speed of the system increases. It comes standard software Gigabyte Xpress3 which maintains the system stability.

If you want more space available storage and speed of your laptop, you will need to consider a new unit's hard drive business to Hitachi. The new disc is called the Travelstar 7K500 offers 500GB of space, equipped with a turntable that works with the 7200 rpm. Hitachi says the company that Travelstar 7K500 speed will increase by 16 per cent of its predecessors. It is also very efficient because it consumes energy in standby only 0.69 watts of electricity. During the operation does not exceed 1.8 watts of electricity. Since laptops are a popular target of flying because of your media storage are often stored sensitive data and high-value, engineers equipped Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 BDE system with hardware encryption. Retail Price Travelstar 7K500 hard drive in the United States is approximately U.S. $ 150.

Gigabyte GA 8IPE1000
Travelstar 7K500

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