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Laptops Under 100 Dollars For Sale

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Apple TV next generation design of the whole touch-screen remote control exposure

Apple's iTunes 9 has been heard before the new interface shots of the BGR foreign websites, and recently brought a suspected Apple's next generation product design, picture, rumored that it is likely to be the second-generation Apple TV remote control concept design artwork.

Information obtained from the picture you can see, this is a no button of the remote control, which uses similar with the Sony Vgp-bpl2 Laptop Battery all-touch-screen cell phone design, looks like a stretched version of the iPod nano, mode of operation is also with them very similar, by a finger touch to complete a variety of media players, and even web browsing applications.

Just ended in September, Apple on the Apple TV product lines of fine-tuning of the 229 U.S. dollars before the 40GB product delisting from 329 U.S. dollars to replace the 160GB version of the product, priced reduced to 229 U.S. dollars. Should the exposure of this picture is really the next generation of Apple TV's standard accessories, it is so seductive strong remote control, for only the price of more than 200 U.S. dollars of the Apple TV is, is not it seem too extravagant to do?

Single from the sales point of view, Apple TV is Apple products introduced in recent years, the sales of the most dismal paragraph. Since it went public two years ago, the hardware configuration has not been much change. Although this position with the Apple TV itself is related by Apple as "interest products", but Apple recently a series of moves of view, does not rule out the possibility he became the main product. When that happens, this revolutionary remote control design may become a major selling point.

Edit Comment: From the full-Touch Tablet PC rumors, to the full-touch remote control, Apple's products the recent exposure, it seems related with the touch screen. We look back at this stage in the sale of popular Apple product, whether it is iPhone cell phone, iPod nano, there are MacBook laptops, have touch technology. These applications are the user's love and concern, and because of patent reasons, Apple has become an insurmountable advantage of other brands within a short time, replication technology to copy product so far not as simple.

In fact, frequent introduction of Apple's touch-screen products, also in copying his success, he saw from the Hp Pavilion zd8000 Series Laptop Battery a powerful business opportunities, people's habits are changing, more mechanical parts button operation, it is likely because of Apple's strong elected touch technology has been eliminated from the final will only be able to see in museums, this is not impossible to happen. Perhaps, is to change the habits of our time.

As market competition intensifies, the Internet phenomenon of the homogenization of the more serious, major manufacturers have to seek a breakthrough in order to obtain higher profits. However, when large-screen access to the Internet after the introduction, the price began to rise with the tide and even comparable with the traditional notebook. To industry sources, manufacturers in pursuit of profits at small and lightweight to change the characteristics of this way, the advantages of the Internet will cease to exist.

Rapid increase sales volume

According to the latest report released in the second quarter, notebook sales to reach 38 million units, of which the Internet was particularly strong in this market, compared with the preceding quarter, up 40%, the growth rate nearly twice the average laptop. Internet access to this strong sales, making its total notebook market share rose to 22.2%. ASUS Internet pioneer market share in this decline, as first-line brand Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba have access to the Internet in this market.

At present, the Internet in Latin America and China, the prevalence was even higher than regular notebooks. Internet in this low price is more suited for these emerging markets. Particularly in these areas for the first time computer buyers do not need to mainstream notebook possess all the features. In many areas, telecommunications operators to subsidize the purchase of the Internet, which also facilitated the access to this sales growth.

In Western European countries, many telecommunications companies signed a two-year Ibm Thinkpad t43p Laptop Battery in the user agreement to provide 100% subsidy, which is provided free of charge Internet access to this. Analysts said the markets surging in the Internet is bound to Apple and other companies will have a traditional notebook computer to form a larger pressure.

Gradual increase of the phenomenon of homogenous

As market competition intensifies, many manufacturers have begun to look to play cards. Recently, the Japanese Bandai has launched a cartoon online book, its greatest feature is the appearance of a cartoon image of the shell part of the desktop backgrounds with the relevant patterns. The product is sold in Japan rapidly. Sony has also launched a sudden appearance design and excellent workmanship processes VAIO W series, while we have a MININOTEBOOK, but either from the processor or chipset, all indicate that this is a pure and simple access to this. The Asus EeePC latest clamshell phone is one of the representatives of the family to make, its only a business card size, the world's smallest PC motherboard, to overcome the difficulties of internal space for small, high level of integration to achieve a more energy-efficient, longer-lasting The endurance capacity.

In addition, Google and Nokia are also entering the online market is full of the expectations, these companies continue to join not only enriched the Internet in this market, product lines, but also in technology, market planning, long-term development of the industry to the Internet in this one More change the future.

Experts point out that in recent years, the Compaq Presario m2000 Laptop Battery in its present developments in the field less and less clear, homogeneous phenomenon even more serious, a number of cottage manufacturers have shifted their positions, and even mainstream companies are also devoting himself struggled in the face of sales gradually declined, making a number of vendors have to adopt a similar appearance of mold, but also for future market development of this great Internet bottlenecks.

The price war will no longer have the advantage of

The screen size because of the Internet in this growing, especially in the 11.6 inches of the advent of the Internet since the Internet has soared in the price. Reporter Zhongguancun see that there is a lot of Internet companies have already started this price war, like the Asus EeePC clamshell phone 1005HA-H's prices have been lowered to 3199 yuan, not only so, until October 15 the same day promotional period, purchase EeePC clamshell phone 1005HA, you can receive more gifts

Asus EeePC relevant person in charge, told reporters that the Internet has its own room for the development of this still exists, but it has its own characteristics that must be taken one way, blindly to meet consumer demand, will be the immediate short-term interests as the highest goal of the behavior will lead to the development of the Internet in this track.

At present, various new technologies and new demands of customers are constantly emerging, according to the actual user needs to develop the Internet in this and other differences between the existing terminal, rather than a single price war in the PC makers to set aside the title of straw after , Internet this should show its own unique charm.

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