Laptops Under 1000

By | Jun 4, 2024

Laptops Under 1000

Laptops under 1000 scare some buyers away because many are looking for cheap refurbished laptops as a second laptop and a laptop for under $1000 is not affordable for many buyers. If you are looking for Gaming Laptops Under 1000 there are many options to choose from in online auctions and other sellers on the Internet. If you are going to purchase a laptop for under 1000 dollars then you can expect it to have many of the higher end features not found in less expensive laptops. Maybe you are willing to consider a Refurbished Laptop, and you should if you want to get a really good deal on a lot of computing technology.

A recent review of refurbished laptops found such high end machines as the Apple Macbook, the HP ProBook, and the Dell XPS Studio models all available as refurbished laptops and coming in well under the $1000 budget. Dell refurbished laptops are in large supply and there is a thriving market in HP refurbished laptops as well.

For a laptop under 1000 you can expect it to have a hard drive of well over 160 GB, 2 to 4 GB of main memory, HD 1080P support, Blu-Ray, and in the processor department a core 2 Duo processor of the 2.1HGZ variety.

In general the laptops over 1000 will have larger display screens which make them popular gaming laptops and useful for someone who does full scale photo or video production and needs the power of a portable computer in this price range.  Put together you list of features that you need in a high end laptop  at just under $1000 and you will be surprised at what you will find in the laptop under 1000 market!

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