Laptops Under 300

By | Mar 9, 2024

Laptops Under 300

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Laptop under 300?

I know that laptops are like 500 to get good, you have to pay that much. I'm dying for a and my mother has no money now to make me one. I asked my father and he said if it was 300, which would, but 500 and 700 is too much. My mother would buy it off eBay, but do not trust people to sell a laptop that saying is in good condition. Does anyone know where I can get a good job laptop at a cheap price? !!!!!! Thanks

This is a good laptop for $ 299:

The N95 8GB is the newcomer in the Nokia family. The slide opening mechanism adds to the contemporary feel of this gadget very elegant and flashy. You will be surprised to see the beautiful black case which has been given a smooth finish to give you the joy of holding one of the most beautiful and good phone advanced available today. The implementation of this compact and sleek gadget is not a problem, since the weight of 128 grams and is available in dimensions of 99 mm x 53 mm x 21 mm. Besides the wonderful ยง ade of the FAA, the gadget features a full screen is 2.8 "in size and can display up 16 million colors. The high resolution QVGA TFT screen lets you enjoy optimal viewing of your desired content such as text or multimedia messages, videos, etc.. Another interesting thing is the ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the backlight of the screen so you can have clearer, even if the time of day and are moving in the sun. The N95 comes with the key buttons smaller and smaller, so I have no problem to locate them. Besides all this, the gadget comes with the user based on the camera shutter friendship unless they can use if is a kind of uneasiness whenever you need to enter something.

The N95 comes with a huge memory that can store all information and unwanted content such as ring tones, calendar notes, task lists, images, messages and more. More internal memory of 100MB, the phone comes with 8GB built-in flash memory. Not only does the phone offer huge storage space, but can also have a longer battery long life. The N95 phone battery offers approximately 210 minutes of talk time on WCDMA and 300 minutes of GSM talk time and up to 280 hours when the phone is in standby mode.

There are many other things this gadget offers. You can stay connected to your contacts without even making a call from them. All you need do is simply use of multimedia messaging service (MMS, SMS, instant messaging or email) better equipped for this gadget. Other interesting features and accessories that come with this phone includes dedicated media keys, High-Integrated handsfree speaker, and so on. The gadget has almost all the features you may be looking in the phone.

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