Laptops Under 500

By | Feb 20, 2024

Laptops Under 500

laptops-under-300Laptops under 500 are good values these days. It's a great
time to be buying technology products of any kind since the
new offerings are arriving almost daily. As new laptops are
introduced and the Netbook market stays strong, cheap laptop
computers priced under 500 dollars are great bargains.
These are not cheap used laptop computers they are in fact
cheap Refurbished Laptops Under 500. The designation of a
refurbished computer is significant because it means the
Refurbished Laptop carries a warranty and more than likely
the product is a lease return or an open box return that
has been factory refurbished, which means the product will
be like new but at a refurbished laptop price. In case you
are wondering what a refurbished Laptop Under 500 looks
like from a specification standpoint, you won't be
disappointed as to what is available. A quick check of
reputable eBay sellers show that as an example, $500
dollars will buy a Lenovo Ideapad Y550 with 15.6 display
completely equipped for $500. This is a product that
retailed for $900 a year ago and is a laptop under 500
complete with a 1 year warranty. If you are looking for
Apple laptops under 500 a Apple Mac iBook G4 Wireless
Laptop was available for under 500 dollars when we checked
recently. Buying refurbished laptops are a great move if
saving money and product warranty are considerations.
Check the selection and find your laptop under 500 here.

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