Mini Laptop Computers And Free Security Applications

By | Jul 4, 2024

free-anti-virus-for-mini-laptop-computersMini Lap Computers are cheap and refurbished mini laptops or Refurbished Netbooks are increasingly available as the market for Netbooks and small laptops matures. The motivating factor for many in buying a mini laptop computer is to acquire a second portable computer and not expend a lot of cash on the purchase. It goes with saying that buying a refurbished min laptop for under $200 then spending $75 and more for the necessary anti-virus,firewall,and Malware protection is an expenditure that many don't plan for. Further many go without the protection of a good anti-virus program, software firewall, and Malware protection which is crazy in these days of a Trojan and Malware exploits in every corner of the Internet. In next weeks post we will explore how to get all the protection you need for free from only two vendors. We'll talk about our experience running free security and malware software and point you in the direction of everything you need to protect your mini laptop computer investment.

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