Mini Laptops Under 300

By | Jun 16, 2024

Mini Laptops Under 300

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team of 7 years?

my daughter is now 7 in July and has been asking for a computer all year. I have the mind share, but it's really nice and sometimes I'm a little uncomfortable with the use of it. Anyway promised his grandmother to get one of your birthday and asked him can get the quality and But economic good. I saw this mini lap top Acer at I do not know much about this brand, but seems decent. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can find for less than $ 300 ... color preferably portable. Any team will do well. In fact, the quality of everything that is good and has all the basics. It is customary to much more than just gaming or Disney Channel, stuff like that! Thank you!

Well, Zellers / Walmart and maybe even Toys R Us (Tho not sure about this one) sold any small "Barbie type" of laptops ... I looked at my daughter ... but is too old and the other is too young .. 13 and 3 ...:) Good Luck:):)

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