Netbooks Under $100

By | Jul 10, 2024

Customers shopping for Netbooks under 100 is a frequent search request in the Google search engine. In checking the market there are many requests for Netbook computers priced under $100 as users contemplate purchase of a Netbook instead of a tablet PC. In fact
Netbooks Under 200 is a more popular search than looking for Netbooks under the $100 dollar mark. Unfortunately finding a quality Netbook priced under $100 really isn’t in the cards at this point in time. The most popular price point is still Netbooks priced between $200 and $300. For $250 you can find a very nice Netbook with great features and performance. In the Tablet PC market there are Android Tablet PC's priced at under $100. There are not a lot of models in this price range but if $100 is all you have to spend you can find something for under 100 if you are looking for a cheap Android tablet with minimum features. The next period of time will be interesting to observe the anticipated drop in Netbook prices as Tablet PC's become the hot item. I expect that during 2011 there will be numerous Refurbished Netbooks under 100. Don't forget a refurbished product from a reputable source is as good if not better than a new unit.

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