Netbooks Under 200

By | Jul 9, 2024

Netbooks Under 200 are a sweet spot price wise in the evolving cheap tablet PC and smallest computer market. A year ago Netbooks that had any capability at all were priced above $200, but that has changed as there is increasing pressure on prices and the newer tablet and eReaders enter the market and put pressure on Netbook prices. For $200 you can purchase a great Netbook with features that give you computer capability that is powerful enough to run some decent applications and also a reasonable size that isn't an operational headache.

When shopping for a Netbook under 200 you should set your expectations consistent with the price range you are looking at. In this case for under $200 you should expect that you will find a used or in some cases new Netbook that will run Windows XP and have a screen size of 10 inches, and be powered by either an Atom processor or in some cases an Intel Celeron. WiFi should be standard and the Netbook should have such features as a web cam. The keyboard should be a US standard keyboard layout. If you are purchasing a Netbook on eBay you can be assured that the larger sellers there will offer a warranty and that the seller will provide technical support.

One tip that is worth considering is to go to a big box store and check out the Netbooks that are on display to get a feel for what you want and are looking for, particularly when it comes to the keyboard size and layout. There is no substitute for seeing in person what a product looks like and the feel of the keyboard. After you do your on site inspection come back to the Internet to shop online and find a great price on the Netbook under 200.

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