New Laptops Under 400

By | Jul 7, 2024

New Laptops Under 400

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A good laptop under £ 400.00?

I need a new laptop / netbook, but do not know what is best. Ideally, I want a small laptop-ish, but with a good battery life preferably 4 hours. Is there a laptop out there can give me this or I go for a netbook with the life of 9 hours of battery life.

try or Tesco, which often have good deals on Acer and e-Machines for best specced since principle, because the update can be costly. are also good

Memory modules

Many people always in a conscious effort to improve the memory of the laptop to increase its efficiency. In desktop systems, is usually given three or four slots for memory modules, but this scenario does not look with computers phones, and with only two slots.

Generally, laptops do not use SIMM and DIMM memory is used in the case of machines not portable. When you dig deeper into the details, you find the following are the main types of memory used in portable computers;

• 72 pin SODIMM

• 144-pin SODIMM



Certainly, the concern additional memory in a laptop PC better, but there is no relationship memory in laptops. The laptops are generally more limited when it comes to words of memory that can be installed on a system. More often the memory access may also be a headache if you plan a future update.

Most laptops are using the technology of DDR2 memory, but a series of new laptops use standard DDR3.

Usually, there are two ways through which the speed of the memory can be designated. The first is the type of memory and clock to find the number as DDR2 400. Another method r is the type of documentation, with the bandwidth. In this case, the same DDR2 memory appears as PC2-3200 memory. Below is a list in order from smallest to fastest type of memory in two formats:

  • DDR2 400 / PC2-3200

  • DDR2 533 / PC2-4200

  • DDR2 667 / PC2-5300 or PC2-5400

  • DDR2 800 / PC2-6400

  • DDR3 800 / PC3-6400

  • DDR3 1066 / PC3-8500

  • DDR3 1333 / PC3-10600

  • DDR3 1600 / PC3-12800

Besides the type of memory installed on the laptop, the speed of memory can also make a difference in performance. When he comes in terms of contrast, is extremely important to check these two pieces of information to evaluate how they may affect performance.

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