Refurbished Laptops Are Computer Alternatives for Senior Citizens

By | Jun 15, 2024

Computer technology is no longer limited to professionals and younger generations. Even the elderly are starting to realize they can keep up with the times themselves. In fact, setting up a computer system for senior citizens is a good way for them to pass time and use their minds. By learning new programs and systems, senior citizens can exercise their brains and have entertainment. Some examples of small refurbished laptops for senior citizens include the tablet PC, UMPC and Netbooks.
Tablet PCs
Tablet PC laptops function like a computer but are also similar to personal digital assistants (PDA). By using a stylus or a finger, you can handwrite and use other computer applications. The screen is a touch-screen one and some even come with a detachable keyboard. Senior citizens can connect their tablet PCs to wireless internet and can enjoy the Windows XP Professional system that the tablet runs on. They can find cheap tablet PCs and have a portable device at hand to keep busy and learn new things.
There are two types of tablet PCs that any senior citizen can choose from. One is known as the convertible tablet and the other is called the Slate. Convertible tablets have moving parts as well as a detachable keyboard. The Slate, on the other hand, does not have an included keyboard or any moving parts. It simply rests on a table top or lap and functions just like a tablet. Tablet PCs are small, mobile and only weigh up to 3 pounds. When shopping for refurbished laptops that fit within a senior’s budget the alternatives for finding a refurbished Tablet PC are more limited due to fewer being available.
Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers (UMPC)
Another Refurbished Laptop computer alternative is the UMPC which stands for Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers. These are more hand-held computers in a very compact and portable form and only weigh up to 2 pounds. They can perform just like a computer and run on Windows XP. You can use Microsoft software applications including Microsoft Office.
The major benefit of a UMPC is that it connects to wireless internet very easily as long as there is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Senior citizens can surf the web, email their family members, chat with other elderly friends and simply stay connected with the community.
Netbook Computers
A netbook is basically a small notebook computer that is meant for being portable and mobile. Refurbished Netbooks are available, meaning that senior citizens can for a low cost access the internet through a wireless connection, can use any general applications as well as word processing applications, and even play games. These devices weigh anywhere from 2 to 3 pounds and come with LCD screens that can go from 6 to 10 inches. Netbook computers are great for senior citizens because they are more affordable than regular laptops and are easier to move around.
Not every senior citizen needs a huge desktop or regular sized laptop. Instead, they can use small refurbished laptops that are more affordable, portable and easy to use.

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