Refurbished laptops under 100 dollars

By | Jun 26, 2024

Refurbished Laptops Under 100 dollars

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I dropped my laptop and it now won't charge (unless the plug is at a certain angle)?

I have an Acer Aspire One netbook and I dropped it a couple of feet. Nothing looks loose or broken, on the cord or on my laptop. It charges if the cord is at a very specific angle but not always. :/ The metal part inside the place you plug it in to on my laptop is ever so slightly crooked, which worries me, because this is my THIRD CHARGER! The other two times I didn't drop it but they still died within a few months (even though they worked fine for a while). So obviously it's something wrong with my laptop!

It was refurbished when I got it. It's not under warranty though. 🙁 What might the problem be?


I would definitely say you need to get the power jack repaired. As others have also stated, this is within your laptop and will cost anywhere between 50-100 dollars to get it repaired.

Best of luck.

Need help finding the laptop that you need? Oh, wait, let me rephrase that, find the cheapest laptop you need? Since laptops are very popular today, there are many options on the market today for cheap computer that you need. Other opting for laptops refurbished are also an inexpensive solution, some notebooks at low prices from China are also a good choice to watch.

We know how China with technology, are now one of the major producers of electronics to the rest the world. If you check some of the components inside your computer, you will see that these elements and put in place in China. In other words, you must realize that as they come and materials manufactured in China, which are essentially buying a laptop Chinese.

One of the largest and most China's rapid is more and more laptop manufacturers Lenovo. What is exciting about them is that they keep getting better quality of their products and services, thus obtaining the trust and loyalty of its customers. In fact most people do not realize that Lenovo makes computers IBM ThinkPad laptops since 2005.

Lenovo has three series of laptops that are popular with customers. The ThinkPad series, Lenovo IdeaPad and 3000. What they have in common is that they have high-speed dual heart of Intel.

Netbooks or mini-computers computers Laptops are another example of laptops at low price from China. His laptop's most popular mini is now called the LY-EB01 eBook Lanyu, with price of $ 100 or less if you get it directly from China or pay more to have them delivered to your home.

Another factor that comes to mind when we are looking for computers laptops cheap from China, they are less expensive when purchased in bulk. Much companies offer discounts to buyers from various points of purchase volume. For example, many sites have a minimum order of 100 units.

So for those of you who intend to buy laptops cheap from China, which is probably better than either obtain a seller or a retail store. At least they have orders to buy as it is clearly the cheapest alternative.

I know people tend to buy laptops based on brand awareness. However, this does not mean they always get the best deal. Top Brand Names come with high price. Some brands from China (like Lenovo), but some second-tier brands may not always provide the top model, but for much less money.

Although these second-tier brands means nothing to you because you are not familiar with them, China may take on the top level companies. Thus, it could have a new look, as these phones at low prices from China could be worth a second look.

Ian Wright can help you save money on cheap new laptops and prevent you from falling for free laptop computer scams.

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