Refurbished laptops under 300

By | Jul 12, 2024

Refurbished Laptops Under 300

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Brand New Laptop under $ 300?

Can I find a new laptop (not refurbished), with a minimum screen size 14inch and the Windows operating system. I do not care about other technical specifications as the main objective is to find and view the photo or video on a decent screen size. any pointers?

cheapest I've seen is U.S. $ 349 ~ 399, the substance of this moment, it is clear that the book in general, a screen 10 "or less, and not disc CD / DVD

Today, computers with an enormous challenge. With Earth Day '09 around the corner, watch some news on the horizon can make computing greener. But before that, we'll talk about some of the problems caused by computers.

Eco-informatics Questions

Our desktops and laptops to use tons of energy. Most of us leave them all day but even when they are in many electronic devices continue to consume energy. You've probably heard of the emergency power or power of the Vampires. The adapters are a perfect example - they consume energy even when the computer is not used. About laptops, energy is lost due to deficiencies in the battery.

Data centers, located throughout the world, also require huge amounts of energy. These centers house the servers that store data on companies worldwide and provide our Internet access. Although electricity is required for the servers themselves, the real power demand centers to keep cold.

Another issue is electronic waste. With our constant demand for new gadgets, they generate tons of waste e each year. Most people are now more aware of proper disposal of toxic chemicals such as cadmium, no leaching from landfills into soil, but the best course of action would be for us to reduce electronic waste, for starters.


To obtain a power backup, the best solution is completely off devices when not in use. Connect all used together (eg computer, printer, monitor) in a single power bar and shut off power when not using your computer.

To recharge technology, new notebook can help. Recent reports indicate that Toshiba is about to begin production mass compact fuel cell for recharging laptops. These fuel cells require a small interchangeable fuel cartridge that can keep laptop running for hours without AC power.

Wondering where the fuel for fuel cells is coming? How about something called Giant King Grass? This fast-growing plant can be harvested four times a year and can be used in cellulosic biofuels, including methanol. Methanol is a fuel used in the provision (and hopefully recyclable or reusable) cartridges for fuel cell that can power laptops and other portable electronic devices.

As for our power-hungry data centers, the tides of the ocean may offer some hope. Although this technology has been proven, a recent report in the Times Online has spoken of the potential energy Tidal Orkney, near Scotland. Because the location is so remote, can not reasonably be used in the network National. However, the use of the combination of this power is "green" data center.

The economic downturn Current has been a blessing to the concept of reducing electronic waste. Many companies find they can manage fairly well with existing computers, with laptops refurbished and used computers and office components. It is an attitude applies to an old-fashioned high-tech world - fix what you have and use "Hand-me-down.

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