Refurbished netbooks for under 200

By | Jun 13, 2024

Refurbished Netbooks for under 200

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I'm looking for a laptop with a full size keyboard and decentbattery life (budget is $200 - $300)?

I don't care much for speakers, RAM, gaming, video streaming, etc. I'm basically looking for something to do word and internet explorer on; nothing fancy. My needs: a full size keyboard and a decent battery life. My wants: something under 3 lbs would be awesome!

I don't care whether or not a computer is a new model or old model. by the way, I'm a sophomore in high school (so yeah, I don't need anything high end)

Any suggestions on new laptops, old laptops, refurbished laptops, netbooks, and brands would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

This one's pretty good for the price, although it does go a few dollars above $300:
That one is quite thin so it should be pretty light.

If you don't like it or if it's too expensive, there are other great choices on Amazon. These are all on Amazon under $400 USD:

Sorry about the long links=/

If looking for a cheap laptop, worried about an expensive laptop getting damaged or just want to buy a laptop specifications for basic word processing and e-mail messages from the Internet under son alongside laptops refurbished could be the best choice for you. Refurbished laptops typically start around £ 89.00 upwards depending on specification and condition.

What is a laptop refurbished?

A laptop refurbished (or notebook refurbished) is a used laptop that has been restored perfect working condition. Perhaps there was a small mistake or a customer has purchased and changed their minds, or perhaps there was a software incompatibility on the machine. Whatever the cause, a laptop or a notebook given to nine have gone through a rigorous process of restoration to return to a high level, ready to be sold again. In most cases this would never had not a new machine.

Renewal Process

Most laptops go through various stages of renovation, including:

  • A thorough examination of all hardware
  • Diagnosis and Benchmarks
  • Solve software problems
  • "Clean" Machine
  • A cut and repair anything - but often not necessary

Power completion of the refurbishment of the machine is as good as it was when he was nine, with all its original features and power, it often seems as though he has never used before. He has also undergone rigorous testing after the above process to ensure that is in perfect working order before leaving the workshop.

Who is a suitable laptop refurbished?

A Refurbished Laptop is ideal for people who simply want basic general use of a computer and refuse to pay the earth for him.

To use the Internet, do some word processing or spreadsheet work, watch DVDs, or downloading music etc, then a computer laptop or notebook is ideal for you reconditioned. When you buy a new laptop that you can do these things - and most do not necessarily want to do, so you pay a higher price. But why pay for performance and service that you really do not want and will not use it?

If you are cost conscious and do not want to spend a large sum of money facilities in increased performance and is not necessary, a computer refurbished laptop offers a machine that is like new and do all the things that needs to be done for much less money.

The types of people who would benefit most from a laptop refurbished include:

  • Students in School
  • Students
  • Folk Retired
  • Anyone with a budget
  • People concerned about the environment

Refurbished Notebooks are ideal for students and people who do not need a powerful machine for graphic intensive packages and games. If you are concerned about a new laptop [20PCS 20laptops% and subcategory = new%] may be damaged or escaped, buying a refurbished machine at an economical price makes more sense to buy a new one for many more. Why spend a fortune on a new machine, it is likely they are bumped or broken and need repair sooner or later?

A laptop refurbished is not suitable for people who want to play the latest video games that require processing speeds, high-end graphics card, and lots of memory, but if you're just interested in the general use of the Internet and word processing, etc. and you want save hundreds of pounds and then repaired a machine is for you. It is also more friendly to the environment and the recycling of a product exactly who would otherwise have been wasted.

For more information on professionally refurbished laptops [] and help in choosing your perfect cheap laptop, visit []

Give them a call their happy to help.

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