Where Should The Laptop Sit

By | Jun 10, 2024

You just purchased that new or Refurbished Laptop, and you have heard the horror stories about laptop overheating. The question becomes; Where Should The Laptop Sit ? A laptop being a portable device one would think that there would be a lot of flexibility in terms of where a laptop can operate, and there is, however within limits. A laptop should operate where it can draw air into intake and exhaust air through ports on the bottom and in some cases on the sides of the laptop. The laptop shouldn't be placed on a soft bed, bedsheets, pillows, or blankets, because it blocks airflow, Also it's best not to operate the laptop placed on a laptop bag, or shoulder bag sitting on your lap. Keep the laptop out of the sun, and if you are on the beach keep it in the shade.
The best operating environment is on a flat hard surface with clear space two to three inches on all sides of the laptop. A trick I have used is to place a book or magazine at the rear,bottom of the laptop to get increased airflow under the laptop. If you keep in mind that the laptop has to have airflow to stay cool, any placement that doesn't allow that to occur, should be avoided.

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