Tune Up A Refurbished Laptop Computer

By | Jun 12, 2024

A new or Refurbished Laptop computer can be unnecessarily slow out of the box, or slow down over time for the same reason. The reason is "bloatware" which is installed by the supplier or software which the user adds over time which slows the computer down. One of the first things I do whenever I work on a laptop is to remove the programs that are not needed, and to minimize the programs that are loaded on start up. One free tool I use is PC Decrapifier PC Decrapifier, a free for personal use tool, used to identify and easily remove the software that is loaded on the system that can be deleted by the owner. If the lower right hand side of your Windows task bar is filled with more that three of four program icons there is a good chance your laptop is slower than it needs to be, because of all the unneeded software loaded and running in the background. Eliminate what you don't need and you may be surprised at the boost in speed of your laptop.

Originally posted 2009-03-27 20:52:01.

How Much Laptop Memory Is Enough?

By | Jun 12, 2024

This site features information on Refurbished Laptop computers and tips for operating both new and refurbished laptops. One factor that is common to both refurbished, and new laptops or notebooks is how much memory is enough. A [...] Continue Reading...

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