How to Determine if a Refurbished Laptop Will Run Windows 7

By | Aug 3, 2021

Windows 7 has been announced and is available for download in the RC (Release Candidate) version free of charge from Microsoft. The RC version will be usable for over a year and will not expire until June 2010. This option give owners of refurbished laptops, or those considering purchase of a used notebook the option to try the software and verify that it will work to their satisfaction. If you want to try this approach, backup your computer, install Windows 7 RC and verify that it works. If you have difficulties running Windows 7 you can go back to the previous operating system and will have avoided the expense of purchasing software that didn't work on your notebook. Many of the refurbished Laptops Under $300 will perform very well on Windows 7. Another tip, if the laptop computer runs Windows Vista, there is no question it will run Windows 7. Good luck in testing your laptop on the new software.

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Cool Your Laptop With a Laptop Stand

By | Aug 2, 2021

In a previous post we have written about the importance of keeping the temperature of your laptop as cool as possible in order to prolong the life of your Refurbished Laptop.  One of the most important things to do [...] Continue Reading...

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