Tips For Buying Cheap Refurbished Laptops

By | Oct 16, 2021

Many people in the market for new computers today are opting to try cheap refurbished laptops. There are both advantages and disadvantages to going down this path. Ultimately, a Refurbished Laptop can often both meet and exceed your expectations [...] Continue Reading...

Originally posted 2009-08-11 16:34:56.

How to Remove The Personal Anti Virus Trojan From Refurbished Laptop Computers

By | Oct 15, 2021

A panic call yesterday from a neighbor describing the urgent warnings appearing on a recently acquired Refurbished Laptop computers screen, lead to an interesting exercise in removing an insidious Trojan.  Anyone using the Internet frequently and opening attachments of [...] Continue Reading...

Originally posted 2009-07-23 15:09:45.

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